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Why Choose


All members of TenantAdvisors.NYC team are seasoned NYS Licensed Real Estate Brokers bringing together over 100 years of combined real estate experience to work in YOUR best interest. We have team members who are the 3rd and 2nd generations of Real Estate Professionals with valuable experience in planning, construction, development, and financing of real estate projects.

Our team members are well-versed and have experience in sourcing and closing deals for start-up business owners, beginning investors, as well as large companies leasing multiple locations for their office, retail, manufacturing, or warehouse needs throughout New York City and Nassau County, NY. with well-known large owners and operators of commercial and industrial real estate in New York.  

Suppose you are interested in leasing space at an early stage in a property currently under development. In that case, we can locate and confidentially approach the developers on your behalf before the property space becomes listed and publicly available.

We can also provide access to off-market deals not publicly available on the Internet or identified with For Sale or Rent property signs or send out property requests through our proprietary database of verified 4,500 NYC property owners, landlords, developers, and operators.


Acting as a Tenant or Buyer Representative in 90 percent of the transactions during the many years of professional practice allows us to duly and unbiasedly negotiate in your best interest without fear of ruining our relationships with property owners that we represented in the past or may retain our services in the future. 


What makes us stand alone from other listing brokers, sometimes acting as tenant representatives, is that we can fully disclose the property or ownership publicly available info to our clients.


As tenant's or buyer's representatives, before entering into negotiating Lease terms or Purchase Agreement, we can and are equipped to conduct a property's lease and sales history and comps search, NYC Zoning Maps, CofO, Department of Building, Department of Finance and HPD searches, property and landlord litigation history, background, and landlord skip-tracing when necessary.
We always look to gain an edge in negotiations.


Our fiduciary responsibility is to look only after your best interest as the principal in the transaction.

Let's start building a solid, lasting business relationship today!

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