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Reviewing the Lease

A commercial lease review occurs when a commercial tenant examines their lease document for any provisions or portions with ambiguous wording that could harm their business. A commercial lease evaluation also takes into account business activities and types.

Before finalizing any deal, you should consult an expert real estate attorney and your landlord to ensure you understand what you're getting into.

Real estate attorneys often handle commercial lease reviews. As a result, they understand landlord-tenant laws. They can help you spot provisions that may need better phrasing or are inappropriate for your enterprise.

Commercial real estate lawyers may advise you on the right business type for your purposes and even evaluate the lease form to ensure it has all the necessary provisions for your operation.

Landlords may attempt to insert conditions into a commercial lease agreement that benefit them rather than you. Some landlords, for example, would insert stipulations that allow them to cancel a contract if economic conditions change.

Tenants may not notice these amendments, but lawyers usually bring this out during the lease review process and advise you or your broker on how to negotiate.


A real estate attorney is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyers for leasing space and evaluating business agreements since they understand landlord-tenant laws.

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